Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I was very excited for Christmas this year.  

Mainly because giving gifts is one of my favourite things to do.  
I know some people find it a trial but I relish the task.

I am one for tucking away ideas and hints and storing them up until I see something just right.

I am one for spreadsheets and checklists.

I famously squirrel things away and have, from time to time, only remembered a gift once all the others have been opened on Christmas morning.

Somehow this Christmas was different.  

I got a very early start and I was so lucky to think of and find so many things I thought were just perfect.

I got over my fear of online shopping and despite some anxious moments waiting for the last parcel to arrive - it all worked to a T.

As I already blogged I decided to wrap each item as I got it instead of my usual pre-Christmas frenzy of never-enough tape and paper!

So as I unpacked my bags (checking and re-checking the closet to ensure none were left behind) I had forgotten what some of the items even where..... and I fell off on the spreadsheet filling-in a bit at the end too so there were a few more gifts than I realised... 

So on Christmas eve I read and relaxed and anticipated Christmas morning.

I think I was the most excited person in my household in the morning although my parents were over here before 8am! 

Not only did the gifts I gave bring the reactions and joy I hoped (or was assured of if I had shopped from a list I was given - our family pattern being something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to
read and something to brighten the world) but I watched as my family gifted each other with such thoughtful and creative gifts.

So much laughter - so many fun gifts - we had a very joy-filled morning.

Never was it truer for me that the joy is as much, if not more, in the giving than in the receiving. And for sure this year there was joy in the buying from some very cool etsy folks and other local and regional artisans and charities and causes.  And what was given was more than stuff - it was time and effort and love and energy and thoughtfulness. There are (lots) of new things but there is also deeper appreciation for one another. More love.

Of course, for me, it is also about the baby in the stable in Bethlehem.  Loving my family and friends deeply and tangibly on Christmas day is one 

Lindsay gave a big box to Allan
with the tag below.
way I share some of the love that came into the world that day.

As I survey my own gift pile with gratitude - I was well loved too - I am looking forward to a new year and hopefully a chance to do this all again in 2017.
From my college student - a beautiful gift
HA HA - so much pressure for a puppy
but NO WAY am I falling for that again

I WANTED all new tea towels - and boy did they heed my request!
Threw all the old one out !  Yippee!

The requisite Christmas puzzle - no so impossible after all.
Lucky because I wasn't allowed to eat turkey until it was done!

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