Sunday, December 11, 2016


2016 delivered another twist today. 

We had to pick the annual Byres Christmas tree without the Byres children. 

(insert the sound of a mother's breaking heart here)

David was working and Lindsay is being held captive by the UVIC library studying for finals. 

Weird priorities.

Whatever....We needed a tree and we needed it today because we host the first Christmas dinner of the season on Tuesday and also it's not currently snowing!

Usually (whatever usually is?) When the 4 of us go we each find trees but Lindsay always names her tree then makes us feel really bad for rejecting or leaving "Neville" or "Phillip" or "Archibald" .... so we never do.

Today she pleaded with us from the UVic library where she was "studying" to give it this tree a good name. 

We found THE tree in short order.

And Allan named it Billy..... and we proclaimed our one does.

So Balthazar (and the new toque) came home with us. 

We set him up in the living room and put the lights on and waited for David to get home. 

After a dinner I lovingly made and muffins I lovingly made I asked the boys if they would help me decorate Balthazar?

They leapt from their seats and ran to the living room with joyful glee and delight.


They dragged their rather cute butts into the living room and I handed the older one a bag of balls and declared if he could manage to add those to the tree his duty could be considered done.

Give two boys a bag of balls...... 

Ai ya.....

They were soon being ridiculous and all manner of antics ensued.  

Quickly it became a contest as to who was taller and could reach the top of the tree..... unorthodox and unsanctioned methods were used.

So the tree is sort of done-ish. 

As I sit here, the boys both off to the land of netflix, I can hear said balls slowly falling through the branches, scattering fir needles as they drop.

I could be sad.

I could be mad.

But no.... I have put on my Hawaiian Santa hat, filled my red wine glass and I am going to bathe in the joy and peace of the season in the lovely glow of Balthazar and his many golden balls.

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